We are an Omaha-based team that specializes in developing, building and operating a wide variety of commercial real estate projects and desirable residential developments.  We were originally established through the natural evolution of our founders’ successful high-end residential home building company, which led to the planning and development of residential communities.  By recognizing the opportunities for community-driven commercial growth in and around Omaha, we have been able to deliver high-quality projects that fill a need and consistently provide strong returns for our clients and joint venture partners.

We utilize our diverse professional backgrounds and many years of practical experience to provide clients with a full-service approach to every project, no matter the size.  Given our collective skills, we have expertise in the construction, engineering, entitlement, design, market analysis, legal, capital markets and finance fields.  Our experience also gives us the ability to foresee and predict market trends, and to react quickly to new opportunities.  In addition, we pride ourselves on having developed strong and long-standing relationships with the top local and regional suppliers, trades, lenders, brokers and other real estate industry professionals.  We are able to trust and rely on these relationships to ensure that projects are completed in a timely, cost-effective and top-quality manner. 

Through our planning and acquisition services, construction management services and asset management services, we are able to provide our clients with the full spectrum of services from site identification all the way through occupancy and property operation.  We work with clients throughout the development process to help identify the right location, advise on concept and strategy, and navigate complex local use, zoning and design requirements to get the project ready to be built.  We are then able to manage and control all stages of construction to deliver top-quality projects within budget and on schedule. 

Our mission is simple – to be our partners’ most trusted and effective advisor and advocate from planning through completion, while always creating value for our clients and making a positive impact on our community.


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UBT Sports Complex

Indoor Sports and Recreation Facility
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The Preserve at the Farm

High End Acreage Residential Development
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185 acre property containing single family residential, multifamily residential, and commercial lots.
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Grandview Ridge Estates

Single Family Residential Development
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210 | Corner

Flexible Retail Facility
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Public Storage Facility

Consumer Self-Storage Facility
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Cumberland Flex Commercial

Flexible Retail Space
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Malibu Homes

Custom Homes that fit your Lifestyle
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Christensen Lumber

Midwest's best building supplier
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California Circle Flex Industrial

Flexible Industrial
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VUE 156

Multi-Family Residential
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3D Storage

Consumer Self-Storage Facility
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